We are changing today’s marketing mindset

We believe an agency’s value is measured in outcomes, not outputs. Our Emotional Involvement Marketing® process produces results by developing strategies and communication to inspire interaction and drive meaningful customer engagement. Our vision is to evaluate success by measuring Return on Involvement with the end goal of building lasting relationships, true loyalty, and straight up brand love.  

“If your brand does not have an interesting and authentic story to tell, you just have a product or a service.” – Keith Watson CEO, Iconic Orange 


Do you know how to effectively share your story to inspire authentic audience engagement?

Your products and services boast an in-demand value proposition. So how do you uniquely position yourself to stand out in a noisy marketplace? How do you attract and retain audience engagement to build brand reputation and meaningful relationships that overcome marketing and advertising mindsets traditionally evaluated on quantity over quality – numbers over the nuances?

How are you currently compelling the right audience to listening to your story – and become a part of it?

Show me, don’t tell me.

Communication is less about the words on the page and more about how your message unfolds in the hands of an audience eager to be involved.

At Iconic Orange, we partner with companies to identify true brand authenticity, establish unique value propositions, and tell your authentic story. We create and measure emotional involvement outcomes by developing engaging content and communication that compels the right audience to take the right actions, making a brand recognized and memorable – to make a brand iconic.

Empowering your brand to influence its audience is not just a technology shift or another application; it requires a cultural shift to define brand wealth based on today’s new emotional involvement marketing currency.

Become bold

We are thinkers, dreamers…visionary executioners bold enough to believe we can change the way today’s data-driven professionals connect with consumers in the marketplace.

Become brave

We engineer the ideas that move an audience to action. We create irresistible brands through the power of storytelling and relationship.

Become iconic

Aside from business reports and marketing meetings no one will remember how many people heard your story, but they will remember how it made them feel – and why they were compelled to share it over and over again.

Brands who wish to build relationships with potential customers must do that on the customer’s terms. This means communicating meaningful messages to connect on core values and exchange ideas before selling to them. It means sharing useful and entertaining information is your number one objective, with the indisputable knowledge that relationships will turn to sales if done consistently and authentically.

The early adopters of relational advertising understand this and work it feverishly. This is why Red Bull makes snowboarding movies and drops skydivers from space to entertain its audience. It’s why American Express created Small Business Saturday to play on the popular belief that it’s important to support small businesses. They know what the real currency is and they are taking it to the bank.

The key to Emotional Involvement Marketing is great storytelling. Developing interesting and engaging messaging instead of pushing sales documents. Brands must create content that is:

1) Relatable and built for consumption. Useful to the prospect.

2) Emotion filled, driving a desire to share. Creating human interest.

3) Backed by data and insight. Factual and always authentic.


Relational Communication Builds Emotional Capital and Outperforms the Traditional Sales Pitch

Every brand possesses capital — financial, human, intellectual, and most importantly, emotional capital built around the emotional involvement a brand inspires with consumers in the marketplace. Leveraging that capital can create powerful connections that defy competition and marketplace pricing.

Simply put, relationships matter.


At Iconic Orange we believe that successful brands are likable and interesting. We empower you to be unique and approachable by communicating relational and cultural values that create conversational topics and interaction.

Cut through the noise and overcome interruption messaging. Connect with purpose to overcome indifference and create a brand experience that is truly iconic.