Meet Carol Hedin – Director Of Operations

Director of Operations What’s your average day like at Iconic Orange? I wear many hats here at Iconic Orange, from being a problem solver, project manager, event specialist, swag queen to making sure the bills are paid and the lights are on.  My day is never typical working in a creative team environment.  That is [...]

National Babbling Day!

Blatherskites Unite: It's National Babbling Day! How many times have you sat in a meeting, at dinner, at a family reunion, a baseball game, at Starbucks—wherever—and there’s someone blathering on. And on. And ON! It would be one thing if these people added something truly valuable to the conversation but they usually don’t. In fact, [...]

VECTOR, VICTOR! What is Vector artwork why is it important?

You’ve selected the perfect advertising product to help promote your business, now what? Being in the marketing industry specializing in promotional products for the past 20 something years, I can’t tell you how many times I have asked my client for their logo, always throwing out the standard term, ”…vector artwork, with all fonts converted [...]

Happy National Comic Book Day!

National Comic Book Day Over the past couple of decades, hit movie franchises like Iron Man and Batman have breathed new life into the comic book industry, a combined literary and art genre that burst onto the American scene at the height of the Great Depression. The term comic book was used because the first [...]

Why you should blog & 5 Mistakes to avoid when you do

Why Blogging is Important for Your Business Creating remarkable content is one of the core components of inbound marketing, and one of the best ways to generate a steady flow of fresh content is by publishing a business blog. Still, while many businesses are starting to recognize the powerful impact a blog can have on [...]

Marketing Then & Now

Marketing Through The Decades When you hear the word ‘traditionally’ mentioned in an office conversation, it usually means ‘this is the way we’ve always done it.’ Watching Mad Men was fun but in today’s marketing world, reminiscing about the “good old’ days” is not necessarily a good thing. Think about how we marketed products before [...]

CTAs That Make a Difference

Improve Customer Traffic Now You’ve created irresistible content for your blog, email, social media postings, and landing pages. Great. But what do you want your audiences to do now? A clear call to action (CTA) can help you break through the clutter and get your prospect’s or customer’s attention. CTAs work best during the parts [...]

Top 10 Ways to Stay Creative

In today’s saturated world of digital imagery, a seeming view of “it has all been done” can be overwhelming for a visual creative. Maintaining and growing creativity can be challenging, a creative mind must be exercised and kept in good health to overcome becoming static or dare we say - has been. Below are our [...]

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Left Brain vs. Right Brain - Fact or Myth Have you heard of being a “left-brained thinker” or a “right-brained thinker”, chances are you have heard of, or been called one or the other. Theories say that the left-brained thinker is more analytical, logical and objective in thought while the right-brained thinker is more apt [...]

Timing is Everything…

When to Follow Up With a Lead Few subjects generate as much discussion (and disagreement) as the question of when to follow up with a sales lead. It may surprise you to know that, according to a Harvard Business Review study (cited by HubSpot), 71% of qualified leads are never followed up on, and those [...]

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