Five Tips for Writing a Better Blog

Blogging Best Practices Blogs are a cornerstone of inbound marketing, since most people (including your prospects and customers!) read 5-10 blogs regularly and companies that blog 15+ times per month get five times more traffic than companies that don’t blog. Thanks to technology, any idiot with a tablet, laptop, or smartphone can be a blogger, [...]

9 Things You Hear As A Marketer

As is the case with most occupations, there are several common phrases we hear as marketers that probably wouldn’t make sense to those outside the industry. Whether you work for an agency or in a marketing department, you’ve probably heard one or more of the following phrases on almost a daily basis. I don’t want [...]

Why Inbound Marketing Works for Healthcare Practices

Let’s be honest—healthcare has gone high-tech and there’s no going back. The Internet, the Affordable Care Act, new outcomes-based Medicare guidelines and high-deductible health plans have changed the mindset of most consumers. They can obtain medical information through a Google or WebMD search. According to Pew Internet Research Center (2013) 59% of U.S. adult consumers [...]

Improve Your Lead Generation Today

8 Proven Lead Generation Tips and Techniques Generating high-quality, high-quantity leads is a marketer’s most important objective. A successful lead generation engine is what keeps the funnel full of sales prospects, even while you’re sleeping! Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 marketers feel their lead gen campaigns are effective. What gives? We’ve looked at the tips [...]

Sell it like Steve

Modern marketers have to face the simple fact that no one enjoys a sales pitch. Walking through the mall has become a challenge of keeping your eyes locked firmly on your phone screen to avoid the pushy salespeople from freestanding kiosks. Shopping online seems to be the preferred alternative to avoid those awkward situations. As [...]

What is a Landing Page?

4 Common Myths About Landing Pages There's something interesting about the different ways companies use landing pages to promote their organization – and it is always obvious when they have subscribed to some of the common myths about landing pages. Like when we used to believe that sales had to knock on doors during dinner [...]

Stop Your Emails from Being Ignored

9 Reasons Your Emails Aren't Being Read You’ve built an amazing email campaign, written awesome content with a killer call-to-action and a compelling subject line. You’ve done everything the experts tell you to do. Or so you think. Then the results come up short and you’re wondering why. Could be a million reasons but research [...]

4 Myths About Marketing Your Healthcare Practice

There’s an interesting trend happening in the healthcare field today. While an aging population has increased the demand for physicians, there is a growing shortage of medical professionals, particularly in rural areas. Changing payer models and skyrocketing malpractice insurance are discouraging potential physicians from entering the field. But here’s the paradox: new treatments and innovative [...]

5 Tools that are a MUST for Social Media

Social Media Tool Standards There's something exhilarating about finding ways to save you time during that day -- especially if you can achieve better results than ever before in even less time. Like when we used to have to rewind in order to be kind to Blockbuster and we dreamed of the days when video [...]

The Importance Of A PR Focus In Branding

Public Relations & Branding: Protecting Your Brands Reputation So you’ve acquired the perfect marketing team. They’re experts in delivering information to prospective clients, have built a trustworthy, recognizable brand and are able to create attractive, lead-generating graphics. What could possibly make your team any better? A public relations expert. Why? I may be biased, having [...]

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