Words can tell your story but visuals bring it to life.

After all, 80% of our brain is devoted to visual processing. From typography to graphics, illustrations and photography, visuals help interpret our messages and provide context. Let our expert team translate verbal into visual, whether online or in print.


An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article. Why? Infographics  simplify complicated subjects and transform boring, lackluster explanations into engaging content marketing. An infographic can benefit your business in so many ways… educate customers faster, improve search engine rankings, create compelling social media posts and expand the ways your communicate on your website.

Digital Design

Update and optimize your website using web design services that focus on the user experience, as well as color, content and code.  Our experts also consider the growing dominance of mobile visitors by building responsive websites.  Finally, we recommend and integrate content that increases visitor flow, like video. More than 50% of marketers report that video has the best ROI. Make sure your website design naturally incorporates engaging, interactive digital content.

Print Design

While many businesses are moving away from brochures, flyers and direct mail, we know from experience that printed collateral continues to resonate with prospects. Whether we are building unique direct mail campaigns, creating snappy brochures or designing flyers that beg for trade show visitors to take a second glance, we always consider who, where and why these marketing materials are needed.

Interactive Content Development

Humans connect through shared experiences. These experiences or interactions with your brand educate, build a common vocabulary and establish a relationship with your company, employees and products. We create interactive content that fosters informal learning. An social media survey, chat session or online game build and reinforce your relationship with prospects while also teaching those same individuals about your company and products.

Presentation Development

Our design team works with your sales, marketing and executive teams to distill and refine your brand, business and products. We build PowerPoint presentations and interactive presentations with your intended audience(s) in mind. An effective sales presentation requires a compelling speaker, powerful visuals and memorable interaction. A professional sales presentation leads your prospect on a buying journey that always ends with your product’s undeniable value. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount or complexity of the information that needs to be communicated. Let us help you create an compelling, interactive story.


A primer for consideration, eBooks provide a visual and contextual introduction to your products or services. At Iconic Orange, we use eBooks deliver teasers for in-depth content, like testimonials, case studies and whitepapers, and serve up calls-to-action on topics of particular interest. When packaged with related content — infographics, blogs and video — your eBook becomes part of a comprehensive campaign that leads the buyer on a journey, develops your story and inspires engagement.