Strategies Built on Emotional Involvement Marketing

A holistic integration of business goals, technology solutions + consumer psychology

At Iconic Orange, we are the architects of strategic change. Looking past the traditional paths, we create Emotional Involvement (EI) by revealing true brand authenticity and uniqueness. We analyze your emerging market, aligning and repositioning your brand’s value add. In times of mergers and acquisitions, we position technology, products and services to present new platform solutions that will inspire engagement and deliver results from your audience. We turn audiences into loyal brand advocates and life-long customers.


We bring an outside perspective on behalf of your target audience, allowing you to define, develop and bring to market new value propositions as your brand experiences growth, change and repositioning. We engage every aspect of your business to solve complicated problems with simple solutions. From Discovery to Deployment, our integrated strategies drill past surface perceptions and into the core of your authentic brand story.

Your Partner For Strategic Architecture

Ideas and relationships continue to grow as opportunity is made. It is more important than ever to understand the market needs and position your value proposition according to the solutions your audience is seeking. This is a multidisciplinary approach, more than an impressive list of offerings; we carefully look at how those offerings work together to build integrated alignments that create something remarkable – something ICONIC.

Your Goals Become Our Goals

We do not work with a one size fits all plan of action. We invest in learning your brand story, the issues you want to address, the competitive landscape, and the movements needed for success. Only then do we begin strategic planning, taking the approach that balances efforts across all relevant channels to align with your goals and genuinely engage your audience, with a focus on early wins and a passion for telling your brand story.

Discovery to Deployment: Our Roadmap

Customer Segmentations and Analysis
Focus Groups and Market Surveys
Competitive Intelligence & Analysis
Lead & Demand Generation
Multi-touch Campaign Development
Nurture & Automation Campaigns
Webinar/Seminar Educational Development
Digital Media Strategy