What does your social media presence say about your relationships?

Be an industry influencer. Start and lead social conversations that impact your industry. Engage your audience and build relationships in real time – all of the time – because social media is just that, it’s relational. Ensure your social media solution is the relational component of your overall Emotional Involvement Marketing strategy by acting on the industry’s most powerful data analytics tools.

Social media solutions from Iconic Orange let you lead, monitor and manage the social conversations that influence the way your audience becomes emotionally involved with your brand and lets you leverage social influence to ultimately acquire new business.

Manage Your Brand's Reputation

Manage your reputation with analytics to learn who is talking about your brand, allowing you to engage in the conversation in real time. Let the social media team at Iconic Orange simplify crisis management, respond to reviews, and engage in conversations that put your brand in the spotlight with social media strategy + insight and employee advocacy + engagement programs.

Monitor Real-time Responses

Know who is talking about your brand and your competitors. The social media team at Iconic Orange uses listening and engagement tools to monitor keywords, topics, hashtags, and URLs and provide configurable reports that allow you to gain insight into the conversations taking place in your industry to develop relevant and timely content and responses across multiple channels.

Lead Industry Conversations

Give them something to talk about. We create and publish multimedia content based on your industry’s events and topics that matter to your audience. We build relationships with influencers and automate your social messaging to ensure your digital footprint grows and to establish your brand’s authority and authenticity – taking your brand from obscurity to influencer status.