Who is following your digital footprint – and where is it leading?

At the heart of today’s global marketplace is relational interaction. People connect emotionally, interjecting their personal journey into your brand’s story. At Iconic Orange, we create multimedia content for use across digital channels, creating a footprint large enough to attract an engaged and loyal following. We reach out to new audiences through integrated email marketing and social media strategies to share your brand’s story, leading your growing audience on a unique journey toward Emotional Involvement with your brand.


People are interacting with your brand across many channels. The type of content they seek is often dependent on their place in the buyer journey as well as their learning preference. We help companies, communicate using eBooks, infographics, surveys, webinars, video and so much more. When packaged with related content, your digital communication becomes part of a comprehensive campaign that develops your story and inspires engagement.

Email Marketing

Your website and digital content merge when email is leveraged to engage your audience. At Iconic Orange, we don’t send single emails. We develop integrated campaigns that build on the copy and visual of your brand. Make your email campaign the one everyone looks forward to opening with compelling language that entices readers. Create personalized content that sounds more like a conversation with old friends than a promotional gimmick.

Social Media

Be an industry influencer. Start and lead conversations that impact your industry. Engage your audience and build relationships in real time – all of the time. Our social media solutions let you lead, monitor and manage the conversations that influence how your audience becomes emotionally involved and lets you leverage them to acquire new business.