Data is only as valuable as the action it inspires

We all know that what gets measured gets done. At Iconic Orange, we focus on identifying the right metrics and setting effective benchmarks to help our clients achieve, measure and repeat success across all communications and marketing channels. We find success at the intersection of technology and data by implementing our revolutionary emotional involvement marketing techniques.

What makes us different? Data provides the roadmap to our clients’ desired destinations as we navigate every turn based on real-time information gathered and used to define the best plan of action for every marketing spend. Our proprietary set of tools and technology is the vehicle we use to capture, analyze and utilize the data points most important to each client’s success, whether we are measuring website traffic or trade show attendance.

However, it is the emotional engagement we create that fuels the journey to success. What makes our clients successful, what makes a brand ICONIC, is the ability to view and measure real-time data to know who is engaging with your message, and more importantly to understand how and when they are becoming emotionally involved with your brand.

Big Data Delivers Real Money In Real Time, and That’s Real Value

Our value is in connecting data across the value chain for every client – and empowering clients to nurture relationships represented by these data points. After all, relationships drive our clients’ success. We build trust by cultivating opportunity. We discover that opportunity by:

  • Digging in to the data we collect.
  • Making real-time changes based on our findings.
  • Optimizing relationships with your customers.

From this data, we build enhanced user experiences. As a client, you can request access to specific tools, connect data points to accurately tell your story and educate your team members. We provide the following tools and reporting features:

  • Proprietary Automation Platform
  • Real-time Analytics and Measurement
  • ROI Tracking
  • CRM Integration

Empowering you to influence your audience is not just a technology shift, it’s a cultural shift and that’s huge