Build a better product and the world may never know. Build a better story, a better experience, a better relationship
… and you captivate the audience, creating passionate ambassadors for your brand.

Are you building the foundation of your brand’s story around your features, the benefits you offer and the destination at which your audience will arrive by choosing to engage? At Iconic Orange we help you define, document, and distribute your brand story. We start with internal messaging components, because your employees can’t participate in the story if they don’t know the plot line.

At Iconic Orange we know that building your brand’s success means knowing your story, how to tell it, and who will be listening. It means understanding who you are, what value you bring to the relationship with your audience, and what result you aspire to achieve. At Iconic Orange, we help you introduce your story to an audience eager to engage.

We provide the groundwork and infrastructure for your success, whether you’re a branded house, a house of brands…or somewhere in between.

The goals of Brand Architecture strategy are to:

Add new products, services, and benefits to your brand and manage change by aligning new messaging with your existing brand to maintain brand loyalty while being strategically positioned for growth.