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4 Reasons to Refresh/Rebrand your Brand

Stay Connected & Up-to-Date: 4 Reasons to Refresh/Rebrand Your Brand Is your brand still relevant? Does it continue to reinforce your company’s value (and values!), tell your story, represent your corporate culture, and capture your firm’s personality? It is helping or hindering your sales efforts? Does it still reflect your company’s positioning and messaging? If [...]

4 Things to Include in Your Social Media Strategy

The Importance of Social Media Strategy Less than a decade ago, social media marketing was becoming the next big thing in marketing and for a while, it seemed like the only thing. It was viewed as an independent system but smart marketers have realized that social media is one of several channels that combine to [...]

5 Ways to Perfect Your Company’s Brand Story

We talk a lot about brands but less about brand stories and maybe that’s because people confuse the two elements. While they are related, a brand story is the essence of your company and at the core of everything you do and say about your brand. A compelling brand story: Differentiates your company from the [...]

Business Plans Don’t Belong in a file Drawer

Many companies put a lot of effort into crafting their annual business plans and then spend more time and energy at year-end measuring results. When targets are missed, they blame the plan. In some cases, that’s the right call, but in far too many situations, the plan was solid but executed poorly—or not at all. [...]

Does Direct Marketing Still Work for Healthcare?

Healthcare marketers are constantly looking for ways to reach their audiences directly, effectively and with a decent ROI. With the influence of social media, mobile apps and other forms of digital marketing tactics growing wildly, some organizations are asking whether it’s worth spending any of their budgets on direct marketing anymore. On the positive side, [...]

7 Ways to Manage Your Healthcare Organization’s Online Reputation

Do you think online reputation management is only for big hospitals and healthcare plans? With the popularity of Web based review and rating sites like Yelp, HealthGrades, WebMD, ZocDoc and Vitals, proactively monitoring and managing your online reputation is critically important regardless of the size of your healthcare organization or group. Here are seven ways to [...]

What’s Best for Your Next Presentation?

Prezi vs. PowerPoint - What's the Right Presentation Tool? The right tool for the job. That’s what my father taught me. When I was growing up, he’d often ask me to bring him a screwdriver or a wrench from his toolbox. Invariably I’d grab the wrong thing—hey, a screwdriver is a screwdriver, and a wrench [...]

6 Keys for Business Growth in Healthcare

The way we conduct business in healthcare is changing dramatically. Healthcare reform and fiscal restraint are front and center on the minds of politicians, the media and business leaders around the world. Healthcare organizations are expected to continue growing despite expanding patient populations (increased demand for services) coupled with higher costs, particularly for chronic disease [...]

10 Ways to Build Solid Business Relationships

In today’s competitive world, strong and lasting business relationships are critical to business success. Since lasting business relationships don’t happen overnight, they require dedicated amounts of time, energy and effort. Here are 10 ways to build strong and lasting business relationships in an ever-changing business world. Be Yourself – With social media, it’s easy (and [...]

5 Reasons Brand Consistency Matters

We Take Building Brands Seriously The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.” Think of Target’s bulls eye, Nike’s [...]

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