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Why We Love Inbound

Why We Love Inbound What is Inbound Marketing? So much money is being spent these days on buying ads, buying email lists, and cold calling. Depending on your audiences and what you’re selling, those tactics definitely work. But at Iconic Orange, we’re firm believers in inbound marketing. What’s the difference? Ads, emails and cold calling [...]

The First Click

The First Click Begin the Conversation When promoting your business with online marketing efforts, it is all about getting the click. The first click is the beginning of the relationship with your prospects, the beginning of your conversation with them. So how do you invite your prospects to click on you every time? Remember when [...]

Good Design is Good Business

Good Design is Good Business In today’s digital landscape, more often than not, potential customers will begin their relationship with your brand online. This being so, representing your business and your brand through quality visual and interactive design is imperative to your company’s growth. From digital to print, creating an appealing company image is the [...]

6 Ways to Increase Your Content’s “Share-ability”

6 Ways to Increase Your Content’s “Share-ability” The most effective PR and marketing campaigns incorporate strategic content tactics to raise the likelihood that information will be shared widely, increasing brand awareness and ROI. Healthcare is one of the most information-overloaded industries, so how can your messages stand out in a crowded space (online or not) [...]

4 Timeless Healthcare Marketing Tips

4 Timeless Healthcare Marketing Tips We’re halfway through 2016 and most organizations are working through budgets and strategic plans they created last year. But it’s worth revisiting four timeless marketing fundamentals that should be incorporated in every healthcare marketing plan. If you’ve embraced these ideas and are putting them into action, congratulations! If not, a [...]

4 Healthcare Megatrends that are Here to Stay

4 Healthcare Megatrends that are Here to Stay Given all the changes in the healthcare industry, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate fad from fact. Here are four important trends that aren’t going away—realities you need factor into your strategic marketing now and going forward (if you haven’t already!).  1. Content marketing – this topic has [...]

4 Healthcare Marketing Changes…Now and in the Future

Healthcare marketers have spent much of the past 10 years improving their ability to understand the customer through the customization of their products and services. But healthcare will be shifting away from hospitals and doctors’ offices through 2020 and will be “going home with the patient” with the goal of the patient being personally responsible [...]

How to Better Communicate with Key Media & Journalists

During the economic downturn, many media outlets downsized, moving their publications to online exclusively and laying off staff. More often than not, only a handful of journalists—sometimes only one or two—were left to produce content for an entire publication (a job previously occupied by dozens of staff members). In addition, as digital marketing continues to [...]

Fun Facts About Helvetica

It’s no secret that Helvetica is the most popular font in the world of fonts, and that is only one of the many reasons that Iconic Orange chose it to be a part of our new brand. This 56-year-old font is full of fun facts and personality. For example: Helvetica is a sans-serif font which [...]

Trends you Don’t Want to Miss

5 Hot Marketing Trends From Seth Godin to Guy Kawasaki, there is no shortage of marketing advice out there today. A quick Google search for ‘marketing trends’ pulls up several pages worth of information ranging from marketing technology to content marketing strategy. We’ve selected the five marketing trends we think have the most traction for [...]

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