How to Stand Out in the Dental Crowd

There isn’t any denying that dentists are facing increased competition year after year. Today’s solution to remain ahead of the pack is to include the options of after-hour appointments or working under capacity.

In the past, dental practitioners didn’t have the need for vast marketing skills to differentiate themselves from the competition, but today, that is not exactly true.  With the dentist-to-patient ratio percentage steadily increasing, dentists are now experiencing declining patient loads, empty chairs and are beginning to realize that to successfully grow their practice, they need to approach their practice’s organic growth strategy differently.

So, does your Practice have the Right Strategy for Growing Organically?     

If not, maybe now is the time to consider adding “marketing” as part of the yearly budget line items required to be successful at running your practice.  You see, investing in marketing is the key to gaining more patients, increase treatment plan acceptance with existing patients, and positioning your practice as the expert through strong content and better patient engagement.

If you did not already know, the cost to attract a new patient, compared to keeping an existing one, is approximately three times more. Knowing that one statistic means that to increase your patient load, without spending thousands and thousands each month on just marketing, you must narrow your approach to marketing.

By narrowing your approach to one that is customized to your practice’s needs, not only keeps your budget in check but also results in a methodology that speaks directly to your practice’s “optimum patient”. Niche market segmentation ultimately streamlines how you communicate directly with new and existing patients, so that instead of spending more to reach more, you are spending less to reach the types of patients that provide higher revenue for your practice and are motivated to keeping coming back for other service offerings over a longer period.

By using this methodology, you are allowing the marketing efforts you invest in, actually do much of the work for you, so that you gain what matters most to both your and the patient, while at the same time, getting the most value from your advertising dollars.

To Be Strategic, Know Your Audience

If your marketing is going to do the lion’s share of work, it is vital that know who your “optimum patient” is. Where will you find your optimum patient and what do they need? How do they like to be communicated with?  It’s only after you know exactly who your prospective patient is, and the needs they have, that you can develop effective marketing messaging that speaks directly to prospective patient’s dental challenges. Most messaging used by dental practices these days are often generic and traditional.

If you want to stand out, why say the same things your competitors do? You need to establish a creative resource will go a long way, and will illustrate just how unique your practice is and how relevant you will become once they take a seat in your dental chair for the very first time!

If you Know Your Audience, and You Are Speaking Their Language, Your Practice is now what Matters Most… And now, more than ever, your practice has become most relevant…

Another piece of this puzzle requires campaigns that will cut through the clutter because they are relevant to what your prospective patient wants to know when they want to know it! By speaking about your practice’s products and services that are most relevant to your “optimum patient”, then your practice will begin to see a return on marketing investments because your practice is now the “thought leader” and “trusted advisor” for providing the solutions to the dental challenges patients face daily.

Now that you are relevant, you must stay relevant and we have the solution to ensure you are just that!

Iconic Orange’s Premier Patient Experience provides the strategic marketing structure necessary to become and remain relevant. We understand that attracting the right patient, quicker and sharing your advice through content most relevant really matters!  Take a seed from our organic path and grow your practice in the right direction, contact us, today, to learn more about how our expertise and Premier Patient Experience will ensure that your marketing investment is just that, an investment that returns new patients and increased revenue through a program that works!