Taking the Right Steps When Creating a Website

Giving your company’s website a needed refresh or developing a site from scratch can be a stressful, and complex task. At Iconic Orange, we’ve created a successful checklist of the most important steps to follow before launching a site. While every website’s needs are unique, there are a few things to check, no matter where you feel your website stands among your competitors.

The steps, we’ve created are based on our website development and digital marketing experience that combined is over 25 years of success. We would love to share what we feel is a solid roadmap to successful web design.

Step 1: Determine the website’s layout

We understand that this is a crucial first step, although often overlooked, therefore we create a thorough wireframe for each website before we move through the creative process. The wireframe is a three-dimensional skeleton that sets the framework for the entire project without the visual polish of the finished design. It includes the basic layout of the website, including where all the functional elements will exist in relation to each other. This gives us a good sense on how content should be laid out across different screen sizes.

Step 2: Focus on the website’s design and personality

A website is more than just a page with imagery and content. Designed properly, a website can attractively relay information about your company’s products and services that users can easily understand, navigate through, and engage within a positive user experience. The visual design of the site incorporates the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc. for your website. This will begin to provide the overall look, feel, and function of your new site.

In this digital age, it is more important than ever to make sure your website not only looks great and operates flawlessly on all web browsers and devices, but also stays visually appealing across those multiple devices and screen sizes.

Step 3: Ensure the website’s functionality and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At this stage, we are testing the site and making sure all details and features of the site are functioning correctly across all platforms and devices. This includes checking the entire site’s details and features for seamless integration including web forms, blogs, links, and social sharing. The second part of this step concerns implementation of appropriate SEO tools, which will help you attract inbound traffic, or those users browsing the web. You should always look at including the latest data analytics tools so you know where all site visitors originate and be able to track your site’s engagement and user experience levels. Always remember your website is a living and breathing entity and should never be thought of as a one and done project.

Step 4: Review the website and eliminate any glitches

Taking the time to review all your site’s content and functionality is crucial at this stage. You want all visual elements to fit together before your site launch. This includes proofreading copy over and over, checking video content for errors, and ensuring all graphics are smooth, well-positioned, and loading in proper time frames as not to slow your page load times. Also, review your branding and content strategy to verify that all content aligns with your company’s objectives and goals and that you have in place all supporting documents and collateral to service your new web traffic.

For example, one of our non-profit clients, NALHE, a website redesign meant paying extra attention to any opportunities to encourage membership and event registration. While we ensured that visitors would have a flawless experience on both desktop and mobile devices, along with a clean and modern design, we recognized the organization’s goals and kept those in mind throughout the project’s development. Aesthetics are of the utmost importance on a website, but choosing to acknowledge and meet the objectives of an organization ultimately determines the success of their online presence.

We know there are many challenges facing a company that wishes to launch or redesign a website, especially when so many things could go wrong. At Iconic Orange, we are a professional Full-Service Marketing Agency that has completed many web design projects and collaborates with each of our clients to ensure that it is a painless experience. Contact us today for your free assessment.