The First Click

Begin the Conversation

When promoting your business with online marketing efforts, it is all about getting the click. The first click is the beginning of the relationship with your prospects, the beginning of your conversation with them.

So how do you invite your prospects to click on you every time? Remember when creating your ads, social posts, articles, email subject lines, etc. that prospects click on things they can relate to and just like you or I, they are not ALWAYS shopping. People most often click to explore, escape, promote their online image, or share with friends. Enable prospects to get to know you in a way that interests them by creating dynamic and relatable content and imagery.

Start by driving the marketing of your product or service offerings with what is currently trending in a chosen digital channel. Begin the conversation that will prompt the click through sports, TV, movies, News, even weather. Above all, remember that you are marketing to REAL people with REAL needs, wants, and thoughts and even though we all have different tastes and thoughts the one thing we all have in common is the relationships we create with one another through common interests.