6 Ways to Increase Your Content’s “Share-ability”

The most effective PR and marketing campaigns incorporate strategic content tactics to raise the likelihood that information will be shared widely, increasing brand awareness and ROI. Healthcare is one of the most information-overloaded industries, so how can your messages stand out in a crowded space (online or not) where your competitors are fighting for the same audiences?

Here are six ways to build up your content’s ‘share-ability” and snag your audiences’ attention!

Tip #1 – Master the headline first

This may seem counter-intuitive, since actual content should matter more. However, the headline is what people see first. It’s the gateway that makes a recipient want to open your blog or article and actually read what’s inside. If your headline doesn’t grab their attention, your intended audience will move on quickly. What makes a viral headline? Go online and check out the most shared articles. You’ll see that there are patterns of the most popular headlines. Use these as a foundation to format for your own headlines.

Tip #2 – Strike a chord

People respond strongly to content that triggers emotions like fear, anger and humor. This is especially true if that content teaches your readers something new. They will be anxious to share the information with friends, family, and colleagues.

Tip #3 – Use fewer words, more graphics

Some of the most successful content marketing has a minimum number of words but a lot of imagery. Use infographics, images, graphs or videos to explain or enhance your content. People are drawn to information that is presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way. These techniques work especially well in healthcare. Patients and consumers can consume a lot of complex information quickly and easily when it’s in visual form.

Tip #4 – Tell a story

Humans have been telling and listening to stories since we learned how to communicate. Whenever you can use real case studies of people encountering a struggle and then overcoming it, use it! Make sure your stories have a beginning, middle and end, complete with a conflict and resolution. We are hard-wired to understand this type of story, and are far more likely to share it than a topic that’s nothing more than a series of aimless events.

Tip #5 – Take a stand

Not all content has to be told from a non-bias perspective. Depending on your company/product and the information you are disseminating, it may be compelling to readers to hear an actual opinion on a current event related to your respective industry or other topic. This will keep people interested and more likely to talk about your story with others.

Tip #6 – Answer a question

Think about what questions existing or potential patients might have and answer it! For example, if you’re a gastroenterology office, your audience may be searching WebMD or Google for information about whether home remedies help heartburn. If you have a blog post called “The pros and cons of natural products for indigestion,” you have provided a positive view of your medical practice before they’ve set foot in your office.

How share-able is your content? Let us know what worked, and didn’t! for you!