4 Timeless Healthcare Marketing Tips

We’re halfway through 2016 and most organizations are working through budgets and strategic plans they created last year. But it’s worth revisiting four timeless marketing fundamentals that should be incorporated in every healthcare marketing plan. If you’ve embraced these ideas and are putting them into action, congratulations! If not, a mid-year reassessment of your strategy might be warranted while there’s still time left to make adjustments.

1. Make Content Irresistible

According to Pew Research, nearly 75% of consumers turn to the internet first for health answers. However, with the virtually limitless supply of information available, consumers are exhausted—particularly with online ads. To cut through the clutter, create content that is not only relevant to your audiences, but is easily accessible, interesting, and offers a solution. That combination will make your content irresistible.

2. Incorporate All Marketing Channels but Be Consistent

Are you taking your messages and sharing via all channels, including your web site, social media and traditional channels? You must be present in all channels where your audiences go to find information. And don’t forget about direct mail—it still works! No matter which channel(s) you use, message consistency is imperative; your audiences may access your content on multiple devices, 24/7. They should see the same message content, no matter where they see it.

3. Be Mobile and Multi-Platform

Following on #2 above: mobile devices have become major tools for finding healthcare information and providers, even among non-Millennial age groups. Mobile marketing is no longer optional in healthcare. And you must be prepared to deliver content across all devices and platforms: PCs, laptops, tablets, phones and wearables.

4. Build Trust with Social Media

Despite some privacy concerns, social media is a growing trend in healthcare marketing. Consumers trust their social networks far more than they trust advertising. A dynamic social media presence enables healthcare marketers to connect with potential and existing patients/clients in an intimate, familiar, trusted atmosphere. From offering healthcare tips to advising about new hours, policies, treatments, and staff, social media offers a near-real-time, targeted channel for building trust, as long as patient privacy is not violated.

Have we left out your favorite healthcare marketing tip? Let us hear from you!