As is the case with most occupations, there are several common phrases we hear as marketers that probably wouldn’t make sense to those outside the industry. Whether you work for an agency or in a marketing department, you’ve probably heard one or more of the following phrases on almost a daily basis.

  1. I don’t want to make this advertisement (of which the aim is to increase sales) to be too “salesy”.

Wait…what? Contrary to common belief, marketers are not trying to shove a product in your face and do anything and everything to get you to buy it. Marketing just doesn’t work that way anymore and we do actually get that.

  1. WWSGD (What Would Seth Godin Do?)

If there were a presidential candidate for the land of social media and marketing, Seth Godin would be a great candidate. I dare you to read his blog and try to stop after five posts. He has mastered “short, sweet and to the point.”

  1. Montserrat is the new Helvetica is the new Times New Roman…

Working in a creative department, we think everyone around us is interested in knowing what font is used in the commercial on TV right now. Though no one probably cares as much as us, we can pretty much name every font we see. We can’t decide if this is a talent or an annoying habit.

  1. What #NationalNotRealHoliday is it?

Just the other day we celebrated #NationalPuppyDay. No complaints here, but it’s interesting how much time we can spend building a content calendar based on made-up holidays that will, without fail, trend on Twitter.

  1. This website rules… This website sucks. (To the tune of “Shoes” by Kelly)

Call us judgmental, but we are never not sizing up a website and mentally noting every single detail that 99% of the world would probably never think twice about.

  1. But how do you think an 18-year-old, college freshman sitting in her 10 x 10 dorm room in Bloomington, IN, named Rachel, with brown hair, three siblings, one dog, and a small SUV who loves Italian food will think about that?

We pay attention to audiences. Like a lot of attention. We’re constantly thinking of how a very specific market will react to a social post, content piece or our latest blog (So yes, we were thinking about you while writing this. Feel special?)

  1. Can this be made into a GIF?

Unless you’re living life under a rock and have not been on the internet in the last five years, you are very aware that moving pictures, A.K.A. videos, are crème de la crème of all social marketing efforts, and the shorter the better – hence the love for GIFs.

  1. How can I incorporate a picture of a dog into this?

If there is one thing you learn quickly as a marketer, it’s that animals rule social media. All it takes is a ball of fur on four legs to get your audience interested. Cat videos can also be very enticing.

  1. Yes, you actually DO need marketing.

All too often, we see businesses avoiding marketing like the plague. Hate to break it to all you number-oriented, dollar-sign dreaming executives, but without marketing, you’re not actually saving money. In fact, you’re losing a lot. Want to learn why? Check out these marketing metrics that will make you believe…believe in the power of marketing.

Did we miss any that your team finds itself saying?