4 Common Myths About Landing Pages

There’s something interesting about the different ways companies use landing pages to promote their organization – and it is always obvious when they have subscribed to some of the common myths about landing pages.

Like when we used to believe that sales had to knock on doors during dinner time to make sure their targets were in fact at home. Landing pages are still a somewhat new endeavor and many organizations are still evaluating what works and what does not work. But wouldn’t it be great if someone just told you, so you could start making the right decisions now? Well, here are 4 things you should NOT be doing.

1) You should give away your content, for free

We don’t mean that you should charge money for your content, but you should never give away your content without getting their information in return. Always include a form on your landing page that they must submit before obtaining the valuable offer that you are giving them.

2) You don’t have to bother thanking them

You can’t just have a landing page and nothing else. You must include and thank you page that delivers the content they just filled out the form to receive. This is also the perfect opportunity to include a link to another offer that will lead them closer to purchasing!

3) You don’t need to send a follow-up email

Make sure all of your forms are connected to a workflow where they will receive an automated email with their content. Also, include the opportunity for them to share the offer with their network for additional reach.

4) It is okay to skip the call-to-action

There are important tactics you must follow when creating a call-to-action (that is a whole other blog post) but to increase your landing page views, make sure to include your CTAs on everything you possibly can from blog posts to emails.

These are just a few suggestions to improve your landing page conversion. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.