Public Relations & Branding: Protecting Your Brands Reputation

So you’ve acquired the perfect marketing team. They’re experts in delivering information to prospective clients, have built a trustworthy, recognizable brand and are able to create attractive, lead-generating graphics. What could possibly make your team any better?

A public relations expert.

Why? I may be biased, having acquired my degree in PR, but most marketing managers would agree that effective branding mixed with positive PR creates a successful consumer experience, meaning higher sales and customer loyalty.

Branding is the popular part. Building your company’s identity, visible on websites, in print, on social media, and establishing a promise to offer some product or service. Most people would struggle, however, if asked to define public relations, which can be described as the practice of maintaining a “mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its publics.”

While your marketing dream team is constantly working to position the brand in a crowded marketplace, it’s a PR specialist that is paying attention to the way your audience reacts to the brand’s efforts. They spend their time making sure the brands they represent are delivering the right messages and that the people listening are receiving them in the intended context.

If you recall the Ray Rice scandal of 2014, you might remember the way the NFL handled the situation in a way most people would refer to as nonchalant. The organization’s initial response was to suspend Rice for just two games. To many football fans, this punishment represented insensitive views toward domestic violence from the NFL.

In today’s digital age, it takes mere seconds to share a bad experience with thousands of followers online. PR specialists are experts in crisis management and monitoring any buzz surrounding your brand, should it be positive or negative, and responding in an appropriate fashion. The Ray Rice scandal is an example of a team with a PR disconnect and a situation that could have been handled so that the NFL came out unscathed.

Your PR expert need not have an extensive resume in managing the reputation of famous brands like the NFL or even be an additional employee. Look for PR experience within your existing team and capitalize on this background. Most marketing professionals probably took a course or two relating to public relations.

A brand can be affected in major ways without the advice and quick reactions of a public relations expert. Make sure your brand’s reputation is protected with an integrated marketing team like Iconic Orange.

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