How to start generating more leads by doing less

Not too long ago, I heard on the news that our attention spans are now shorter than that of a goldfish!


Let’s apply this knowledge…Have any of the items listed below demanded too much of your attention and INSTANTLY turned you off during an online experience? 

  • Writing that is too technical, tedious or verbose
  • A form that is too long 
  • Invasive images from left, right, top and bottom (is my fish bowl closing in on me?)
  • Pop-ups 

If yes, it’s likely that it required too much of your attention.

Do less. Un-complicate your online experience (website, landing pages, emails, design, social posts, etc.). Make it easy for potential leads to find what they need. Don’t inundate them with information and image overload. And if you’re up to the challenge, try to make the experience enjoyable.

Here are some ways to “do less” in order to generate more leads: 

  • Provide white space 
  • Use clear or listed points 
  • Write copy that is concise
  • Include only relevant and strategic images 
  • Create targeted, “value-add” messaging 
  • Use forms only when necessary (keep them short!)

To help illustrate these points, here are some brands that are doing this well and that I have personally enjoyed: 

Uber – Email content

  • The primary image is eye-catching and relevant. Uber tells you concisely what the email will be about, “Let’s do lunch.” Then one sentence describing what UberEATS is, followed immediately by a promo offer. 


SquareSpace – Website Homepage 

  • SquareSpace’s homepage is a great example of minimalism designed to focus the viewer’s gaze on what’s important. Only four drop downs exist on the top of the page with a menu bar to the right. This makes the website curated within the laptop the focal point. The main message conveyed is that SquareSpace can help “build it beautiful” (there’s the “value-add” message!).


Facebook – Lead Ads 

    • This Adweek article details how Facebook has created a two-click process, where consumers tap an ad button and then agree to submit their auto-filled name and email address to get a quote. Facebook is streamlining the form process, making it quicker for the potential lead to convert.

Give the people what they want. Create a holistic digital experience (from design, content, writing, CTAs, forms, mobile experience and so on) with less clutter that potential leads can focus on, navigate easily, understand simply and that requires minimal effort on their part. But above all, the goal should be to make it an experience that a potential lead would enjoy. After all, it’s about them, not you. And in turn, they will thank you for it. 

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