National Ding-a-Ling Day is December 12!

The Urban Dictionary defines ding-a-ling as a slang term for a certain male body part but Webster’s Dictionary describes it as a person who is stupid, foolish, or eccentric, yet cute and funny in a ditzy way. Think Suzanne Somers in “Three’s Company” or Haley from “Modern Family.”

Since National Ding-a-Ling Day is December 12, I figured there must be more to this holiday than simply embracing the intellectually challenged among us. So I did some research and sure enough, this term has been applied to many things you never knew about. If you’re going to celebrate, you may as well know why! Here’s what we found.

  • Ding-a-Ling – the drink – apparently there’s a cocktail that’s made with lemon-lime soda, peach schnapps and vodka. It sounds delish but I’m not sure there’s even a way to ask for that drink at the bar without sounding like a complete twit. No amount of masculine self-assuredness can overcome some things.
  • Ding-a-Ling – toys – in the early 1970s, Topper Toys produced 15 brightly colored, molded plastic robots called Ding-a-Lings. They glided along an elevated skyway and included characters such as Boxer, Answerman, Fireman, Claw, and the King Ding with Brain. Ding-a-Ling devotees can still get these robots from collectors and online.
  • Ding-a-Ling – crossword clues – this must be a popular word in crossword puzzles, because a cursory look online resulted in synonyms ranging from three letters (nut and sap), to six letters (galoot, cuckoo, jangle, jingle) to eight letters (crackpot and dingdong) and even 10 letters (crackbrain). I had no idea there were so many ways to call someone a ding-a-ling!
  • Ding-a-Ling – the song – Chuck Berry’s risqué 1972 hit, “My Ding-a-Ling” is more in line with the Urban Dictionary’s definition than Webster’s. But I could be misinterpreting the lyrics…
  • Ding-a-Ling – the Simpsons – Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening brought back Berry’s hit song in the show’s third season. The My-Ding-a-Ling Kid is a Springfield Elementary School student who participates in the school’s talent show, singing a bad rendition of Berry’s song, but he only gets through a few seconds before Principal Skinner escorts him off the stage.

Have you heard of any other examples of ding-a-lings? We’d love to hear from you!