You’ve selected the perfect advertising product to help promote your business, now what?

Being in the marketing industry specializing in promotional products for the past 20 something years, I can’t tell you how many times I have asked my client for their logo, always throwing out the standard term, ”…vector artwork, with all fonts converted to outlines.”  Usually, I get silence or “Huh???” Sometimes you get the client that says, “No problem!”, then you receive a low resolution jpg file that will not imprint well.  Really?

The process of placing your logo on a promotional product such as apparel, pens, mugs, etc. requires specific art files called vector art which is created in Adobe Illustrator.  Vector art allows the imprinter to separate the colors, manipulate art, and shrink and enlarge the art without it becoming distorted or pixelated.  This allows the product to have a clean, legible imprint.

In addition, another requirement is converting the text to outlines.  When sending artwork out for reproduction, fonts typically can cause issues. If the printer doesn’t have that particular font loaded on their computer they will have to stop the production process and request that you provide the font compatible with their platform, (ie Mac or PC) or send a new file with the text converted into an image.  Which in the end will slow the pre-production process down.  Converting text to outlines is very easy in illustrator and instructions can easily be found here or visit

The end result will be a legible billboard advertisement for your business that you will be proud to wear or give away at your next event or sales meeting.  Roger, Roger!

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